When you think about muscle fitness you think about pumping iron and working those muscles hard but did you know that making those muscles grow includes stretching. In fact it plays a critical role in muscle building and fitness.

Each muscle in the body has a bag of connective tissue around it called the fascia. This tissue is very tough and it holds the muscles in the proper position within the body. But the fascia can also stop the muscle from being able to grow if it isn’t stretched so that there is room for the muscle to grow. Muscle fitness includes exercising more than just the muscle.

A good example of training a muscle hard is the calf muscle where muscle fitness reaches a plateau very quickly. Because the lower body is responsible for so many weight bearing tasks it is full of fascia and training the calf muscle can be extremely difficult. But if you take time to stretch the fascia properly muscle fitness and growth is not difficult at all.

Of course you are supposed to always stretch before starting your workout but stretching the fascia is much more intense than your regular stretching. If you are stretching the fascia properly you will feel a strong pulling sensation and muscle pressure. This is a good sign that you are well on your way to muscle fitness.

When stretching the fascia hold each stress for 30 to 25 seconds. Don’t stretch so hard that you injure your muscle. A sharp pain indicates you are damaging your muscle.

Muscle fitness is important to the overall health of your body. When your muscles are fit you are stronger. When you muscles are fit they burn calories faster and more efficiently. You’ve got a winning situation here.

There are many ways to achieve muscle fitness. Free weights are an excellent method and because free weights are so affordable you can easily own your very own set. They also don’t take up much space even with the bench. You can also use fitness equipment that is designed to work the entire body.

No matter which method you choose to achieve muscle fitness your stretches need to be done each and every time before your workout. If you are unsure about designing your stretching workout you need to talk to a trainer. The main focus is to fully stretch each muscle group before you start your workout.

In fact if you aren’t sure how to design a proper muscle fitness program you need to talk with a trainer. It is important that you work muscle groups correctly so as not to create imbalance or damage yourself.

Once you have your muscle fitness training program you can decide if you want to join a fitness center or workout at home. Both can produce excellent results. The choice is really up to you.

Muscle fitness starts at the head and goes right down to the toes. Every group of muscles deserves your attention and every group of muscles needs to be stretched before you give it the attention you deserve.