Man fitness results come from having exceptional man fitness strategies. Your program needs to incorporate every aspect of training from cardio to resistance and everything in between.

Men think differently than women so your man fitness strategies are designed exclusively for men by men. Warm ups, stretches, weight training, and cool down are all specific to men.

Weight lifting which is a form of resistance training will always improve man fitness increasing muscle mass and strength and of course making you look all that much more buff.

A good man fitness program will incorporate a long term plan to complete fitness and it will cover all aspects of training as well as healthy eating and proper supplements. You are going to design a plan that will give you results over the long haul and not just today.

A common mistake of guys when it comes to man fitness strategies is to not plan for the long haul. The result is shortly after starting to work out they quit. This commonly occurs because of lack of knowledge. These strategies will get you on the right track.

Your man fitness session needs to include a warm up for every muscle group. When you do this your muscles are going to be more receptive to your actual workout. The blood will better circulate through the tissues and remove waste material more efficiently.

Your man fitness session also needs a good body building program that follows up the warm up. Now that your muscles are all warmed up your workout is going to be very productive.

Your man fitness session also needs to incorporate cardiovascular exercises. They can be at the beginning, end, or throughout your workout but they must be intense and they must last at least 15 minute or until your heart rate comes up to the desired level.

You do not want to fatigue your muscles with over exertion. Thus your man fitness program needs to be well thought out. If you plan it out correctly so that your have intense exercises followed by less intensive choices and then back to intense exercises. If you are unsure of how to properly set this up talk to a trainer.

You will need to decide if your man fitness program is going to take place at home or if you are going to join a gym. If you are going to be working out at home you can walk or cycle for your cardio portion of the workout. If you are working out at the gym then you can use the treadmill or stationary bike.

When warming up your muscles you should do 20 to 25 reps for the first warm up exercise in each muscle group. The balance of the exercises in that group will be reduced by half. Each man fitness program will be different but this is a general guideline.

As you become more fit, and it won’t take long, you will need to adjust your man fitness program to reflect that. Each muscle group must have at least one exercise in it and as you get stronger you should continue to increase the number of exercises in each group.

With the right man fitness program you are going to be in top shape in not time and you are going to look buff! The girls are going to luv you!