You’ve decided the time has come to start get into shape – Good for you! But now you need a fitness program. But wait – did you know that more programs fail than succeed? That’s because barriers arise along the way and if you don’t know how to overcome those barriers you’ll become frustrated and quit. Stay awhile we’ll teach you how to overcome the barrier of your fitness program.

Getting into shape and starting a fitness program usually entails a little more than just exercising. For most of us there is usually a few extra pounds in there that we want to shed. That means we need to be tracking our calorie intake against our calorie burn to make sure we are burning more than we are using.

Your fitness program needs to be custom to you. It doesn’t do any good if your have an exercise program that says you need to run a mile when you can hardly walk around the block. Your fitness program has to be unique and tailored to you taking into account your abilities and your lifestyle.

The most successful fitness programs are convenient. They don’t make your drive across the city to exercise and they don’t make you dread the occasion.

For your fitness program to succeed you will need to move past the fear barrier. This is the little part of your brain that’s continuously nagging that won’t be able to succeed. Don’t listen to it. Face your fears head on and don’t let that little monster in your head win.

Another tool for successful fitness program is learning to listen to what your body is telling you. If it is comfortable that’s good. Then at some point you will need to make your body work a little harder. Listen to what it says after you’ve taken it beyond its normal comfort zone. Does it hurt? Does it feel like you’ve worked out – that’s good – but at the same time you should not feel strained. The best thing to do is listen to your body.

Don’t settle for anything less than your best. Push yourself – as the saying goes – do not go gentle into the night – your fitness program should be designed to challenge you, take you past your comfort zone yet keep you confident enough to continue. Do not let fear rule you. Do not let it dictate where you will go with your program. Instead face your fear straight on and succeed with your exercise program.
There are times that you will loose your motivation and come up with excuses why not to be involved in your fitness program. You will need to talk to yourself past those moods and keep chugging. Sometimes they appear after a bad day. Sometimes it’s just the mood we are in and sometimes if we can’t see the results we want fast enough so we start making excuses for ourselves to get out of

You can overcome your barriers and have a successful fitness program. In no time at all you will have shed those extra pounds, toned up those muscles and look better than ever before. Let’s not forget you are going to feel better too!