Staying fit, exercise, and fitness are all buzz words of the time we live in. We hear them frequently on television, the radio, and even in conversation. Everyone it seems is talking about fitness but have you ever wondered if those that talk the talk walk the walk?

How many people do you know that have a fitness membership to gym but never go there for whatever reason? How many people do you know that you constantly hear talking about getting fit but never really action on it? It’s that buzz – we all feel like we need to be involved in a serious fitness program.

Yet to get fit our fitness program does not have to be hard or complicated at all. The best fitness gets our heart rate up and gives us a cardio work out. You don’t have to run and you don’t have to power walk. Just a pace you are comfortable with will give you a cardio workout and you can help purify the body by removing toxins.

Our modern world is full of toxins – prescription drugs, pollutants in the air, processed food and much more – exercise helps remove these toxins from the body and that exercise can be as simple as a walk or as a complex as a full workout. You choose the level of your fitness program.

What’s more important than what type of exercise program you undertake is the fact that you decide to take action and do something to improve your fitness. In fact improving your overall fitness is really smart.

Overall fitness can be improved by incorporating walking and resistance exercises. Your exercise programs should always be geared to your own fitness level as well as your age and current fitness level. If you have any health problems such as heart disease you need to see your doctor before undertaking any exercise program.

You can start by walking up and down the block then move to going around the block and each time you feel ready add a little more to your walk. You will be surprised when suddenly you realize you’ve just walked 5 miles. Don’t shake your head and say you can’t do it. You can. Maybe not today but soon – it all begins with that first step and the rest will be history.

Fitness is important to our health and our longevity. The more fit we are the less likely we are to become ill. You are also less likely to suffer from arthritis and related type diseases that seem to appear as we get older. Staying fit mean you are not only likely to live longer you will do it in a much healthier state. And what could be than healthy old age? It’s what we all dream of.

So the next time you stop to consider how important fitness is and whether the time has come to get into shape. Do yourself a favor and get moving. Even a little moving will go a long way to keep you healthy. Don’t just hear the fitness buzz be the fitness buzz.