Loosing fat can be a real challenge and it can also be frustrating. Are you ready for the secret to exercise fitness that will shed the pounds? Here’s a clue – crank up the heat.

An exercise fitness program that cranks up the heat cranks up the intensity. Research has proven that anaerobic workout are a high intensity exercise program that has short bursts of high energy that leaves you breathless. This type of exercise releases the growth hormone HGH which makes us trim body fat. In fact it can mount up to inches in a real hurry.

Short fast exercise fitness that is anaerobic will increase your HGH by as much as 500%. Swimming, running, cross country skiing, cycling, and even power walking are anaerobic. Anaerobic exercise gets things pumping and thus things begin to melt away. Suddenly those extra pounds are gone and your heart health is improved too.

Want to pump up the heat then why not include swimming in your exercise fitness program. You might be surprised to discover that swimming itself can reach anaerobic levels. Even more great news it it’s low impact means that even if you have arthritis or joint problems you can use swimming.

Running is another excellent exercise fitness program that can really get those anaerobic levels up and burn that fat. The biggest problem with running is that it is a high impact exercise so not suited for all.

Sprinting is an excellent exercise fitness program is a great choice. Warm up for 10 minutes and then do your 100 yard sprint. Sprinting means running so that you are out of breath by the end of the sprint. After the sprint you need to walk for at least 5 minutes to cool down. This type of anaerobic exercise is excellent for loosing those pounds.

Cycling is another excellent exercise fitness program to consider. Many people enjoy cycling and now a days you have so many choices in both bikes and riding venues. The key is to get your heart rate up high enough to make it an anaerobic exercise.

You might be surprised to discover that a cross country skiing exercise fitness program qualifies as anaerobic. It’s a great way to get that heart pumping and enjoy the great white outdoors.

Power walking is a smart exercise fitness program for anyone that may not get in top condition. You can increase the duration and intensity as you get more fit. It requires no special equipment and can be done even if your budget is zero.

Whatever exercise fitness program you choose for yourself the best way to loose those few extra pounds and increase your heart health by ensuring your exercise program is anaerobic.

An exercise fitness program also needs to be something you enjoy because if you don’t enjoy it you won’t do it for long. Choosing something you like to do mean s you can have a lot of fun while you workout.

Your exercise fitness program is your freedom to both a happy heart and a happy body. And with just a little effort you are going to feel great and look even better than you do right now – if that’s at all possible. So what are you waiting for?