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Diet Fitness is it Just an Excuse?

Are you one of those people that studies every diet to come out, reads a billion diet books, swears diet fitness is what it’s all about and then still stays unhappy about their weight? You’ll be glad to know you aren’t alone. So is it just an excuse?

Too many people spend all their time looking for that perfect diet fitness program and then end up doing nothing because they can’t seem to find the perfect one. It’s time you stopped wasting time looking for perfection and instead get to work shedding those extra pounds.

Do you hate looking at yourself in the mirror? Do you complain that your stomachs too big or that your love handles are awful? Do you feel fat? Are you always comparing yourself to other girls on television and in fashion magazines? Diet fitness needs to start today! And the first step is to stop being so hard on yourself and stop making excuses why you can’t change it.

How often do you say that your diet fitness program just isn’t working because it’s all in your genes? Do you make excuses about being too busy to get into shape? We protect ourselves by making excuses for ourselves. If you were actually being honest with yourself you would admit that you want to loose the weight but you aren’t sure what diet fitness program will work for you.

Good news – getting the body shape and size that you want is doable just by training your brain. That’s right your brain needs a workout to keep your self image in shape. Your self image is what will make or break your success with your diet fitness.

Understanding what are healthy eating habits, and knowing which exercises will give the best benefit. You need to remember that you must burn more calories than you take in which is a common mistake with diet fitness.

You will need to work just as hard at strengthening your self image as you will your body. Just like your body’s muscles will respond to daily exercise so will your mind and keeping your self image strong can do a lot for your diet fitness.

You need to start by getting rid of any negative thoughts you have about your body. Only positive thoughts will be allowed in your diet fitness program. Now make a list of what you like about yourself and not just physically but things about your personality and yourself in general. Then you need to wipe the word I can’t out of your dictionary and replace with I will succeed.

It’s time to stop reading about diet and exercise and it’s time to implement diet fitness. You can be whatever you want to be when you set your mind to it. If you can’t design your own diet and exercise plan then it time to see the help of a fitness instructor or nutritionist. What’s most important is that you do something.

Just talking a walk each day is a start. Remember this – if you change nothing then nothing will change – so that means every little change you make can have a positive effect on your life and your diet fitness. With training of your mind and body soon you’ll be seeing yourself in a different light. Your diet fitness program is going to be a success!

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