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Women’s Fitness and Breast Cancer

What do women’s fitness and breast cancer have in common you ask? Plenty recent studies are showing significant reductions in breast cancer in women who are physically active. Studies are also showing that women’s fitness increases the survival rates of women who have had breast cancer. So being physically active really does pay off and […]

Muscle Fitness Includes Stretching

When you think about muscle fitness you think about pumping iron and working those muscles hard but did you know that making those muscles grow includes stretching. In fact it plays a critical role in muscle building and fitness. Each muscle in the body has a bag of connective tissue around it called the fascia. […]

Man Fitness Strategies and Motivation

Man fitness results come from having exceptional man fitness strategies. Your program needs to incorporate every aspect of training from cardio to resistance and everything in between. Men think differently than women so your man fitness strategies are designed exclusively for men by men. Warm ups, stretches, weight training, and cool down are all specific […]

The Health and Fitness Relationship

When it comes to health fitness there are several ways to get into shape and loose those few extra pounds but one of the most fun methods is to cycle.  It’s not surprising that it’s popularity continues to grow.  Here are five reasons why you should think about taking up cycling for your health fitness. […]

The Fitness Buzz All Around the World

Staying fit, exercise, and fitness are all buzz words of the time we live in. We hear them frequently on television, the radio, and even in conversation. Everyone it seems is talking about fitness but have you ever wondered if those that talk the talk walk the walk? How many people do you know that […]

Overcome Barriers of Your Fitness Program

You’ve decided the time has come to start get into shape – Good for you! But now you need a fitness program. But wait – did you know that more programs fail than succeed? That’s because barriers arise along the way and if you don’t know how to overcome those barriers you’ll become frustrated and […]

How to Buy the Best Home Workout Fitness Equipment

The time has come to get serious about your health. That means it is time to get fit which means you need to start exercising. The biggest problem is time. All of us are way to busy so getting to the gym is impossibility. But a home gym is certainly an option. Read on to […]

Choosing a Fitness Center

So you’ve decided to join a fitness center. Good for you! But it’s important to realize that all health clubs and fitness centers are not created equal. Here’s some tips to help you choose a quality fitness center. When you choose a quality fitness center you can relax knowing that you can have a long […]

The Secret to Exercise Fitness That Will Shed the Pounds

Loosing fat can be a real challenge and it can also be frustrating. Are you ready for the secret to exercise fitness that will shed the pounds? Here’s a clue – crank up the heat. An exercise fitness program that cranks up the heat cranks up the intensity. Research has proven that anaerobic workout are […]

Diet Fitness is it Just an Excuse?

Are you one of those people that studies every diet to come out, reads a billion diet books, swears diet fitness is what it’s all about and then still stays unhappy about their weight? You’ll be glad to know you aren’t alone. So is it just an excuse? Too many people spend all their time […]

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